PARIS FASHION SHOPS remains open and continue to deliver your orders

More than ever at your side,

Paris Fashion Shops has adapted its organization to this very special period.

Our goal: to take care of you.

To this end, we continue to deliver to the address of your choice in strict compliance with the health regulations in force to protect the health of our teams and yours.

In close cooperation with our customer service department, we have identified the questions that are regularly addressed to us. We try to answer them point by point and in a transparent manner.

Frequently Asked Questions


As a preamble, please note that all orders are prepared according to the health measures recommended by the WHO.

Will my order be shipped / Will my order be delivered on time?

YES, in the respect of the rules and taking care of the health of the logistic staff.

Nevertheless, as the teams work in reduced workforce, the processing times of your shipments are likely to be extended by one week.

What's the status of my order?

Your order status can be viewed on your account in the "My Orders" section. The slightest change in the processing of your order can be found there.


How do I make my return during this period?

Above all, do not take any unnecessary risks! Your health is our priority.

In accordance with our general conditions of sale, you have 7 calendar days upon receipt of your items to make a complaint to our services (heading My account > My orders > Report a problem).

Once the complaint has been made, our after-sales service will deal with your complaint within 48 working hours.

The return procedure will then be communicated to you.

Depending on the chosen carriers. We will be flexible. The most important thing is to inform us on time.


I made my payment by credit card. How long will it take for me to be refund if some products of my order are out of stock?

When you make a purchase on PARIS FASHION SHOPS, only an authorisation to debit your credit card is made by our payment service provider. Orders are then prepared by the Brands and wholesalers. The actual debit of your card is only made at the time of shipment.

In case of stock shortage, the amount of the unavailable goods is this way not debited from your credit card.

I made my payment by bank transfer. How long will it take for me to be reimbursed following an out-of-stock condition?

When you pay for your PARIS FASHION SHOPS purchase by bank transfer, your bank details are kept by our payment provider.

In case of stock shortage, we commit ourselves to reimburse you the overpayment on the account used during your purchase within 7 working days.

Refunds of overpayments are made on a weekly basis by our Finance Department.

Once the transfer has been made, please allow 2 to 3 bank days for the funds to be effectively available on your account.

I have received a credit note from the wholesaler following a complaint. How long will it take for me to be refund?

All your claims will of course be processed but may be slightly delayed due to the limited number of staff we have due to this exceptional situation.

We make every effort to make refunds within 3 working days when we have all the required information (credit note and bank details in the case of payment by bank transfer).

Please allow 2 to 3 bank working days after the transfer has been executed to have the funds in your bank account.

If you have any other questions, our customer service department remains open during normal business hours and makes every effort to answer you individually.

We thank you for the trust you place in us and appreciate your patience. It deserves that we give the best of ourselves and offer you a service that meets your expectations.

Be Strong, Brave and Positive

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